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Boss Babes Pop Up Shop - Mission

It’s no secret that the five boroughs of the Big Apple have been left reeling from the crisis brought about by the 2020 pandemic. In neighborhoods that have struggled to gain economic stability for years, the fallout has been especially devastating – with small businesses and single moms experiencing the greatest impact.

The August 14th Boss Babes Pop-Up Shop will be a spectacular event conceived of by Inga Murray-Hodges, the creative force behind the highly successful IngaSez Fashion brand and the IngaSez Foundation, an organization devoted to empowering women-in-business.

The mission of the Boss Babes Pop-Up Shop event is to help small businesses gain greater visibility and increased revenue by presenting their wares and services to attendees at the extravaganza’s stunning venue of Brooklyn-based Sanders Studios.

Hosted by VH1 reality stars and other celebrities, the Boss Babes Pop-Up Shop shows signs of being one of the most well-attended and memorable events of 2021! It is the first event initiated by the IngaSez Foundation and is a stellar example of more to come!

All proceeds will be directed to helping women in crisis, a segment of society that is especially vulnerable to diminished resilience during times of economic insecurity. With over 400,000 single-family households in New York City alone, Murray-Hodges hopes to ease the burden of these struggling moms with an influx of support from local establishments.

Inga Murray-Hodges is known for her tireless effort to explore ways to revitalize disadvantaged neighborhoods and lift families up from poverty. With a special focus on supporting small business owners and single mothers, she uses both her foundation and her popular clothing brand to inspire and facilitate confidence, empowerment, self-determination and ultimate success.

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